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So, just a brief update about my new mini-project(s) – the Thing a Week!

It started when I tried giving up facebook for a week (more on that in another post when I get around to it), followed by an impetus to tweet one #positivething in my life, for a week (inspired by the remarkable Jay’s post here). I gained so much for myself with both projects (and I’ll blog more details on each week when I get a chance) that I decided to start a mini project each week.

I feel that this is something that will allow me to “taste” different things that I might want to incorporate parts of into my life, and generally try to become more positive and more adventurous. But without the overhead of trying too many things at once – I will only commit to one mini project a week, and I will attempt to blog my findings at the end of each week. (I will do catch-up blog posts on Week 1 & 2 shortly in the next few days.)

So .. so far, I have:

  • Week 1: No Facebook
  • Week 2: Tweet a #positivething a day
  • Week 3: Give up negative thoughts and statements (this is going to be hard!)

Other things I’m considering: Getting up at X-time every morning (e.g. 5/6 a.m.), Veganism, No TV shows /movies (I already have no TV channels, but I watch things other ways), TBD, TBD ….

So, if you have suggestions for things I could try for a week, I’d love to hear them! I am not guaranteeing I will try all suggestions – this is not a challenge site (yet ;) – but I’ll certainly consider them!

Thanks for reading my somewhat badly explained and scattered post!

3 Responses to “Almost me … Almost you”

  1. Bernard Says:

    How about spending a week sending lengthy emails to people you have been meaning to catch up with for ages.

    Or, heaven forbid, writing *letters* to people.

  2. Awakedreamer Says:

    I’ve definitely loved your “Tweet a #positivething a day” project. It’s given us, internet lurkers lovely postcards from your life (and happiness is always such an awesome thing to spread around).

    As for the rest of the projects all of them sound productive, healthy and good, except the TV shows thing (Who would want to give up on them? They are like TV but without all the fat and toxic additives ;) ).

    What about, once a day, telling someone, something you wouldn’t normally dare to say to them? It sounds like a ridiculously-funny Hollywood-esque thing to do :) .

  3. Yvonne Says:

    1. Give up gossip blogs and celeb stuff (thats if you even read them)
    2. No refined sugar / caffeine/ bread…whatever your poison is
    3. Learn one new word a day and try to use it that week
    4. Do a crossword each day
    5. Give/ receive a foot rub each evening. YUM/ yuck if you hate feet

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