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While performing Jala Neti this morning, I had a thought about something. Not an entirely earth-shattering one, but one that made me start to see things in a slightly different light.

“We’re often quite violent with our bodies”.

I was letting the water run from one nostril to another, and had such as strong impulse to want to force it through faster. I think this is indicative of a lot of how we treat ourselves – or at least, I know I do, and I suspect many of us are guilty of the same. We scrub our skin clean, we vigorously brush our teeth, we squeeze ourselves into ill-fitting clothes or shoes, we force food into us at speed – and all at the same time, with an judgey inner monologue criticizing ourselves for not doing it better. Or faster. Or whatever-er.

And I don’t think we need to be at such odds with our environment.

I’m not much of a one for creationist theory or higher-power spirituality; I believe that we evolved in this universe, to fit this universe. And to me it makes sense that we’d be mostly set-up for the things we encounter in our environment – certainly the basics like eating, washing and dressing. I think we do ourselves harm by the kind of constant push-back against our natural flow that I often find myself engaging in. If our nasal passages need cleaning, maybe it makes sense that the acceleration due to gravity is the optimum rate for them to be cleaned. So, I’m resolved to try to be more mindful in many of the things that I do.

I’m currently doing my best to sip my coffee and not burn my mouth in anxious gulping down. I’m taking bites of the food that I want to eat for breakfast (which today turned out to be fruit, but tomorrow might be croissants – but I’m resolved to try to listen at least). I’m trying not to stress about the million & one things I need to get done today (as every day), but approach them more calmly and within the flow of my day.

And when I use my neti pot, I’m going to relax and imagine warm heavy rain peacefully falling.

So, like I said. A little, probably obvious thought, but one I’m finding has changed my perspective a lot. And I’m really hoping it will work out and not make me late for everything. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Brian Says:

    It’s true that we have been adapted to fit our environment: however, it’s worth remembering that it’s been a long time since we’ve been there. Washing and dressing, for example, are things that we have not adapted for: they are activities which we created because we prefer them to nature. The way in which we do them, if they are in conflict with our “design”, is possibly because our current “design” no longer fits with the life we want to lead. It’s somewhat curious to me that many things which we have made for ourselves do not fit to our shapes very well.
    Also, while nature tends to produce things that fit their environment on average, pity the outliers who get to be the arbitrary suboptimal mutations.
    Doing too much too fast is not something I’ve ever had a problem with. Hooray for paralytic laziness! I remember reading ages back that several French 18th century-ish mathematicians were big fans of staying in bed late.

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