Whatever made me glow, It’s gone now

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“… But I pretend I’m having it still.”

The last two weeks were without bloggery on my part (despite the fact that my many reminder widgets duly reminded my of my duties). My father was visiting and we took something of an impromptu holiday for much of his time here.

And now I’m back in front of a blank screen, all the thoughts I thought I had to share have somehow escaped. Possibly they are out chasing birds with the puppy.

This is likely to be something of a patchy blog update. I’ll jump from topic to topic, no doubt. Probably quite like having a conversation with me. Or a flea.

I had a bit of a trip in a Time Machine this evening (oddly enough, this seems to be a metaphor other friends have been using on their blogs and the like, recently). I was watching a recent episode of the TV show Skins which – through characters and music pulled me so thoroughly into a past mind state, it was scary.  I’ve experienced a similar thing reading certain books. Murakami’s Norwegian Wood comes to mind, in particular. (That’s twice in two blog posts I’ve linked to books by Murakami. People might start to get the impression I read nothing else!)

Anyway, I’ve escaped from the past for now, so onwards with blogging.

Puppy got hit by a car. I doubt that is anything close to news to anyone reading this blog, as you have likely seen my Twitter feed on the day.

“I can smile about it now, but at the time it was terrible.”

It was shocking and traumatic, and I think she recovered from the incident more quickly than we did. It brings the pre-sad for the day she will die. A terrible type of time-travel to be indulging in, given that she’s less than a year old!  So, I’ll tuck it down in the back of my brain, shelved with thoughts of my own future demise, buried under a flimsy pile of sunshine, candy and tea. A pile not as dusty as I’d like .. 

I’m not managing to shake this funk as quickly as I’d like.

This week is mainly about reorganizing and re-focusing. I’m being a lot less productive than ideal on a number of fronts (nearly all of them, in fact). To this end I’ve created a Remember The Milk account where the main recurring task is to set up a To-Do list for the day. It them IMs me over Google Talk to remind me of what I’m supposed to be doing, rather than browsing the Internet.  

I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve been using it for at least a month, but so far I’m pretty impressed.  I’m failing at getting it to integrate with iCal or GoogleCalendar in the ways I’d like, but seeing as I don’t really use those that much, it doesn’t bother me.

Anyway – next on the list is a date with Alice in Wonderland, so I’d best get my best pop-corn eating smile on. 


3 Responses to “Whatever made me glow, It’s gone now”

  1. Sadhbh Says:

    Man, I hate that funk. I think mine is finally receeding after about three months. It’s not even tied to SAD over here, so I don’t know when to expect it.

  2. deli Says:

    It’s hard to say what’s SAD and what isn’t. The only thing I know is that Irish winters are *definitely* harder.

    At least getting angry at Alice in Wonderland shook me out of it yesterday :D

  3. Pádraig Says:

    “SAD” is a bitch. Latest drugs change has brought me out of it but has left me a bit on the twitchy side. Not depressed is nice but still, being twitchy is annoying.

    Next time you come over we must show you the new “daylight bulbs.” They take a bit of getting used to but the extra indoor light is very much welcome this time of year.

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