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So, just a brief update about my new mini-project(s) – the Thing a Week!

It started when I tried giving up facebook for a week (more on that in another post when I get around to it), followed by an impetus to tweet one #positivething in my life, for a week (inspired by the remarkable Jay’s post here). I gained so much for myself with both projects (and I’ll blog more details on each week when I get a chance) that I decided to start a mini project each week.

I feel that this is something that will allow me to “taste” different things that I might want to incorporate parts of into my life, and generally try to become more positive and more adventurous. But without the overhead of trying too many things at once – I will only commit to one mini project a week, and I will attempt to blog my findings at the end of each week. (I will do catch-up blog posts on Week 1 & 2 shortly in the next few days.)

So .. so far, I have:

  • Week 1: No Facebook
  • Week 2: Tweet a #positivething a day
  • Week 3: Give up negative thoughts and statements (this is going to be hard!)

Other things I’m considering: Getting up at X-time every morning (e.g. 5/6 a.m.), Veganism, No TV shows /movies (I already have no TV channels, but I watch things other ways), TBD, TBD ….

So, if you have suggestions for things I could try for a week, I’d love to hear them! I am not guaranteeing I will try all suggestions – this is not a challenge site (yet ;) – but I’ll certainly consider them!

Thanks for reading my somewhat badly explained and scattered post!

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