Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

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I first started running for exercise when I moved to Japan. It seemed to fit somehow with the new world and new life I was seeking out for myself. And I enjoyed the montage-life picture of myself running along the river side in the early morning light, back-dropped by strange Asian architecture.

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I’ve really come to hate my body – and all the things that it requires in this world

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Oh dear and few bloggers, since last we spoke a Warped Convention has been and gone, leaving me exhausted and with a sore throat. Running was sadly absent from the chocolate and fire-chicken-wing fueled weekend (though calling something that stretched from Thursday to Monday a weekend may be slightly inaccurate).

I did my usual Play One Game at a con – as I have done for all 5 I have now attended. It’s getting more fun, but I still feel I would be reluctant to commit to anything like regular role-playing. I like to claim that it’s down to a desire not to commit to scheduled activity, but there’s not a small part of it that’s down to being unsociable. I actively crave time in my own head – especially after long bouts of time in large groups. With Itzacon a mere 2 weeks away I had better hibernate in my room in order to ready myself sufficiently.

In the meantime, I am working away on my piece for the Torture Company challenge. I am pretty sure most people who read this blog have been pinged to come join the Artistic Challenge Facebook group – where we have a Theme a Fortnight to create (anything anything anything) to.  I’m attempting my very first digital coloring of a drawing, which is coming out okay, I think. It’s slow going and I’m already after realising mistakes I’ve made (which I’m not going to rectify at this point, I think. Shall just “learn for the future”.).

Anyway, I poke any and all of my readers who is interested in making fun stuff to check it out – even just have a lurk and see what other people create. I’m excited to see the results of this first one.

As for me, I will take this sore sore throat and head to bed, internetless and dreamful for at least 8 hours.

Be well.

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