Its been a year or more since they shipped me to this foreign shore

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As probably anyone who reads this blog already knows, myself and Gareth got engaged at the start of this month. It was a surprise to very few people, ourselves included. However, we are now faced with the rather large task of organizing the actual Wedding – something that seems quite secondary at the time of engagement.

For your amusement and mine, I have decided to blog my approach to the various tasks involved in this undertaking as they occur. I have also decided to be kind to the eyes of those on LJ who do not wish to read more and put the details behind a link.

Today’s Topic:

The Guest List

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We were born like tangled vine

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I seem to do all my Fish for Fish blogging on this blog, rather than the “wordy” part of the comic blog. I just find it more convenient really, I think.

Anyway, this month’s news is that Chapter 6 is now complete and up on the site for those who are reading.

Also! A very shiny electronic version of Book 1 (Chapters 1 – 5) is now available from Drive Thru Comics. It has extra character info and the original text for Chapter 1 for those who have an interest in what the writing looks like before pictures get added.

We’re currently waiting on the print version of this – we went with a company in the states for the print run, so hopefully shipping goes smoothly and we’ll see our copies in time for Edition Book Arts where we’ll be exhibiting this year.

So, lots of excitement and busy-ness.

Also, became engaged to Gareth, bought a new domain (more on that when there’s something to show) and have been busily giving Maths and Physics instruction to a growing number of boys and girls for the upcoming Leaving and Junior Cert exams. It is no wonder I had to create The Schedule of Dooom(tm)!

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