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Things have been busy – to say the least – over the past couple of months. But that is nothing new, nor is it necessarily undesirable. There have been mishaps aplenty with our cursed abode, cumulating in a gas leak on Christmas Eve Eve, and a turkey that took 3 hours longer than expected to cook. We handed in our letter of No Intent to Renew our lease (which expires on February 11th) and now we face into moving. Yet again. As I type, we are sitting in Mytholder’s mother’s house while torrential rain and vicious winds whip round outside, and the place at which we pay rent appears to have sprung a roof leak or two. This move is not premature.

The UCC gaming convention WarpCon is taking place next weekend, and Gareth has written two scenarios for it (apparently this is the 11th year he’s written a Call of Cthulhu scenario). I’m taking a bit of a break from painting Fish for Fish (even though I’ve prepped Chapter 4) to layout the scenarios nicely in InDesign. We’ll make the PDFs available for download here after the con.

I’ve also been laying out Fish for Fish Chapter 1 for print and we’ll be making some hardcopies of this available soon for those who are interested. There’s a surprising amount of work involved in making something print-ready, and Chapter 1 hadn’t been created with print in mind, thus necessitating quite a bit of extra work. It’s been a very fun learning experience and I’m looking forward to seeing the final hard copies. I’ve a bit of work to do with re-arranging margins before I send it in though.

With this extra non-painty work going on, it’s looking like Chapter 4 will be quite a bit later than expected.

In other news, my Digital Imaging course starts on February 8th, so hopefully I can get started creating some digital images for some of the other many projects we have on the back boiler.

That’s all for now – I will see those of you who are about for it at Warpcon. It’s my first ever time attending it!

Fish for Fish – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 is now all complete and up starting here.

Hopefully I’ll be caught up on the November delay by the end of Chapter 4. At least we always live in hope!

I’m also hoping to get back into semi-regular blogging in the coming month, but as we’re going to be moving house again things are likely to be somewhat hectic. I will at least try and put down some thoughts on using InDesign for layout, etc. and comment on what I think I’ve learned over the past month or so.

As always, all comments and feedback are welcome and for those lj-users who prefer to get the page updates as they occur, mytholder has created an lj-feed just for that purpose.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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