Fish for Fish – Chapter 1

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So, Chapter 1 is complete. It’s not as polished as I’d ideally like, but part of this endeavour is trying to get myself to stick to deadlines as well. I hope to get more speedy and polished over time.

From this point forward, the plan is to have weekly updates of at least 1 page per week, with chapter 2 complete by the end of the month.

All feedback is greatly appreciated. It’s very much been a learning process for me and will no doubt continue to be. Thanks for reading!

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Writing: Gareth Hanrahan
Drawing: Edel Ryder

Like old beggars under sacks

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With unfailing optimism I begin once more on campaign “be fitter than a total couch potato”. The jogging schedule (which had been on hiatus due to back and hip injuries and various holiday and moving busyness) has been pulled out and dusted off for a run to The Lough area this sunny morning. Hello Mr. Swan and all of that. Yoga classes began last thursday, with minimal stiffness and contortioning and we’re eating at least 3 vegetarian dinners a week. So – tiny progress, but it’s a beginning.

I’ve also started my night course in Design for Print in CIT. It’s early days as yet, but the energetic instructor does seem to know what he’s talking about, so that’s all good.

Work on Fish for Fish is ongoing and we’re on target for chapter 1 by the end of the month. I’ve been enjoying working with the ink and developing various different methods of shading via trial and error. I quickly realised that A5 size sketches were only going to make my life more difficult when it came to scanning and stitching, so the picture sizes have become progressively smaller (physically). I will save the largest for full pagery and suchlike.

Now, if Job stuff works out as hoped, I’ll have to start inventing problems in my life.

Fishy goings on

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I have returned from England (and more importantly, Swindon) alive and well. People were seen, much food was eaten, punts were punted (without falling in) and a convention was attended.

GenCon UK is the first gaming convention I’ve ever attended, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. For the most part it was fun, but it did seem to be overly long – perhaps due to the fact that I only really knew mytholder (apart from a few hours of irrepressible kiwijoy). People seemed smilier than your average passer-by on the street, and Reading University itself is quite pretty.

I did engage in some magic playing, including a “build a deck” thingy where I came close to last. Some opponents were nice, but most were overly serious for a pretty casual competition with one guy was a particularly unpleasant blend of aggression of patronizing. Still, enjoyable.

England also saw the beginnings of work on a joint venture between myself and mytholder. We are creating a story through the medium of comic, with Gar writing and me drawing. The first chapter is mapped out and partially illustrated. We hope to have that up by the end of the month, so watch this space and all of that. The working title is Fish for Fish but this may change before we publish it here.

And with that title in mind, I leave this blog for now to create a swordfish and cilantro curry. This house is quieter than I’d like until the 15th of September, but I have plenty to keep me busy in the interim.

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