The muttering retreats of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels

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I’m diving straight in here, with not much introduction. If you’re reading this, I assume you know me, and all of that jazz.

Tomorrow is my last day in this brief-lived job. My aversion to working in I.T. has grown to the point where I’m finding it difficult to even put in some slow seeping hours in any kind of capacity. Well – it’s easy to spot that I don’t actually have to work for another few months.

The “plan” (such as it is) is to find a “pay the bills” kind of job, that doesn’t cause brain-explodey, and in the other hours of the day work on my own projects. I’m too unconfident to go into details on any of these until they’re up and running in a more tangible capacity, lest they be failures and I have to go “What, that? No, I never had any intention of doing anything like that…” and skulking off sheepishly to stand in a corner.

On Thursday! A shiny RyanAir O’plane shall take me to London Stansted airport, wherefrom I shall bravely weave my way to Reading (to arrive at scary o’clock in the morning). The next day will see me visiting a convention belonging to someone called Jen. She apparently has one in the US as well, but I doubt it’s as much fun. This one will have mytholder after all. And possibly a two-night cheap hotel.

Onwards, then to the joys of Swindon, followed by Derby and a day trip or two to Chester, where (rumours abound) the delightful frchester shall be releasing her spawn. I plan to arrive with a Default Cow in tow.

That is all for now. I am unused to blogging with any great frequency, but shall endeavour, etc. More details on plans and schemes as they start to bear some wizened fruit.

World is suddener than we fancy it

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It’s all a Work in ever-ongoing progress here. You’re free to poke around and ask questions. Things will be changing under our feet. Welcome.

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