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Excitement for all – Chapter 4 of Fish for Fish is all up and it starts here. It’s a shorter chapter than usual, but that’s just the way the story flowed (apparently – blame the writer, anyway).

And (even more excitement) it’s drawn in the shiny dusty new medium of chalk pastels. There are advantages and disadvantages to this – not least of which is the state of my right leg, where I seem to be compelled to wipe my fingers. Detail suffers, but I feel there is a nicer “overall impression” of a picture, and each panel is certainly a lot faster to produce. Chapter 5 is likely to be done the same way – though hopefully with some improved technique – so let us know what (if anything) you love or hate about the new style.

I’m also thinking that I’ll only put up complete Chapters or half chapters – of course with the comicblog software I’m using, I have to align each page to a day, but perhaps online is not the best medium for reading a more story based comic like this anyway. Which brings me to my next project… once we’ve completed Chapter 5, we reckon we should have enough material to collate as a mini book. We’ll be making it available through this website probably in both print and pdf formats for those who are interested.

I’m not sure how long it will take me to get it all print ready. A goodly portion of January was spent creating a print version of Chapter 1 (which included covers, extra character info and other fun stuff) but part of the time taken there was the extra stuff and that I hadn’t made the images print-ready frmo the start. The limited print run was a success and Warpcon’s charity auction even managed to sell a copy for a cool 120 euro.

Other comicy news – we’ve started a little bit of work on 100% Reality Mind (for those of you who haven’t been paying attention, this is to be a shorter, standalone strip-style comic that we’ll hope to publish once or twice a week). Hopefully there’ll be something to see in early March, but we’ll have to see how fast I can draw – one of my aims with this strip is to improve my illustrator skillz….

Other other news – we’ve moved! Again there is a room filled with boxes and gaming debris that will probably remain for far longer than intended. Also, there is not a single weekend in March without plans. I’m going to have to start to organize my time better…

And for those of you with similar disorganization problems, check out: Doitdoitdone!
You don’t even have to sign up, and it looks pretty. What more could you ask for in a web-app!

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After an exhausting and fantastic weekend in London, I return to a house of disarray and an ever lengthening list of things to make and do.

We spent the weekend with friends of mytholder, who were consummate hosts – not only providing a comfortable bed, but oyster cards, directions and delicious lasagne.

Saturday evening – and the reason for our visit – a surprise HHGTTG themed party for the ever charming James Wallis. There were Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters to drink, Vogon poetry to recite, and the most delicious birthday cake I’ve ever tasted – all courtesy of the excellent party organizing and baking skills of James’ wife, Cat.

Since last Wednesday’s Design for Print class, I’ve been nurturing an expanding fascination with fonts and typography. I’ve always had an interest in layout and typesetting (which is probably a good thing, given the course I’m taking), but poor Gar is being driven to distraction as I coo and criticize every sign and poster I pass by. I have a little mini stack of books to read through to help me foster this new obsession, and hopefully the longer term will see me use my ligature-obsessed powers for good.

Fish for Fish will be updated tomorrow. It’s likely to be just a page update, with perhaps a second update by the end of the week. In any case, Chapter 2 will be completed by the end of the month.

Thank you to all who commented on both my and mytholder‘s blogs. You are all very kind, and please don’t hesitate to give harsher criticism. This project is being done both for fun and as a learning experience for the two of us. I’m quite conscious of some mistakes and issues, and am striving to improve on these as we move forward – perhaps by Chapter n (for a large value of n) there will be some noticeable improvement.

I thought I’d write a little about the “process” (such as it is) I am using to create the pages.
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