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With unfailing optimism I begin once more on campaign “be fitter than a total couch potato”. The jogging schedule (which had been on hiatus due to back and hip injuries and various holiday and moving busyness) has been pulled out and dusted off for a run to The Lough area this sunny morning. Hello Mr. Swan and all of that. Yoga classes began last thursday, with minimal stiffness and contortioning and we’re eating at least 3 vegetarian dinners a week. So – tiny progress, but it’s a beginning.

I’ve also started my night course in Design for Print in CIT. It’s early days as yet, but the energetic instructor does seem to know what he’s talking about, so that’s all good.

Work on Fish for Fish is ongoing and we’re on target for chapter 1 by the end of the month. I’ve been enjoying working with the ink and developing various different methods of shading via trial and error. I quickly realised that A5 size sketches were only going to make my life more difficult when it came to scanning and stitching, so the picture sizes have become progressively smaller (physically). I will save the largest for full pagery and suchlike.

Now, if Job stuff works out as hoped, I’ll have to start inventing problems in my life.

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