They’re gone (and it’s quiet now)

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There are few sounds as simultaneously beautiful, disturbing and heart-rending as the music of Tindersticks. Tonight’s performance at the Cork Opera house was no exception; After enjoying a splendid performance from Irish singer/songwriter David Kitt, the house lights dimmed, and the stage slowly populated as the first song (aptly named Intro) from The Hungry Saw picked its way to gentle fullness. Things went uphill from there.

The band were joined on stage by a string quartet who seemed very happy to step outside of their normal roles and join in a bit of maraca shaking, glass tapping and whatever else was needed to produce the fantastically beautiful analogue cacophony that makes up your standard Tindersticks song.

Sleepy song about half-way through the performance was the highlight of the evening for me. But then it’s always been a favourite of mine. This was quickly followed by She’s Gone which singer Stuart Staples claims he’s spent most of his life attempting to write a better song than.

It was announced during the encore that it was guitarist Neil Fraser’s birthday tonight and he nearly broke his right arm in a brilliant and frighteningly fast rendition of Her.

They left the stage and a very satisfied audience in typical low key fashion, with very few words. “Thank you. I think we’d better go now.” said Staples.

I think I’ll take my cue from him. If you get a chance, do go and see them.

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