Editorial Note: Yes, it’s been nearly two years since I updated. I’ve been busy. Twins, for example, can be quite time-consuming. Move on.

Next month, deli goes back to work, and I’ll transition into my new role as stay-at-home dad. I’ll keep writing, but my primary focus, at least initially, is going to be taking care of the boys. Part of that means learning to cook properly. I’m not a complete neophyte – I can make toast – but I need to practise.

So, experiment #1. We had some nice frozen salmon in the fridge, so I went for grilled salmon in a soy/brown sugar marinade, with rice and boiled carrots as the veg. We didn’t have the lemon pepper that the recipe called for, and I added a microscopic amount of garlic and ginger to the marinade, but it still turned out edible.

The fish was, I suspect, slightly overdone, mainly because I mistimed the carrots. Juggling cooking times is something I must work on.

The rice was infinitely improved by adding Magic Japanese Rice Flavouring (furikake), which is the best thing ever. 


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