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The Swine Flu Diaries

It’s day four of quarantine here in the house. At this point, I think I’ve had every possible flu symptom other than zombification. It’s a very courteous bout of swine flu – the symptoms come one at a time, as if it’s trying a new trick each time after abandoning the last one. Fever, freezing, [...]

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Edinburgh Fringe ’09, and the unfortunate consequences thereof

The Fringe clashes with GenCon US, so every year there are two events that I really want to go to, but instead end up following online, like Gollum stalking Frodo through Moria. If Frodo had a twitter account, that is. This year, deli & I flew over, using her birthday as an excuse. A dedicated [...]

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Life not found

Fish for Fish is now being updated every Monday. I’m trying to write a chapter ahead of deli’s drawing, which means I need to write the next chapter this week. * * * June and July were swallowed by INTSEC for Paranoia and other Mongoose work and some wedding planning. It’s in a year’s time, [...]

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