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Slammers on Sale

The Hammer’s Slammers rpg I wrote for Mongoose is apparently out on the shelves. Early reports appear positive, on the whole. The game’s based on the novels of David Drake, and I’m both amused and honoured by his comments that “the fellow who did the writing really understood the military and (I think) got the [...]

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Edition Book Arts

This weekend (Sat. 4th July), deli and I will be at Edition Book Arts in Dublin. It’s a book, comic and zine fair, and entry is free. It’s on in Temple Bar. . We will – assuming the postal service co-operates – be selling print copies of Fish for Fish. Support would be very, very [...]

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4e thoughts so far, part 2 – upsides

My quibbles aside, 4e is a significant reinvention of D&D. It’s vastly easier to prepare material for than 3.5 was, and easier to run. Back in 3.5, the real tactical game was in spell stacking and preparation, and the DM had to outthink all the players. There were far, far too many options, especially in [...]

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4e thoughts so far – the downsides

The PCs in my ongoing Company of Heroes D&D4e game just hit third level, and I’m growing more comfortable with the system. As expected, the tactical side of play works very well, and encounters do usually hit the sweet spot where the players are nearly-but-not-quite overwhelmed. The little I’ve written for it was also great [...]

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How to Write Con Scenarios, Addendum

Since writing thelast post on this topic, I attended the Scenario Writing Workshop in Cork, which was entertaining and moderately productive, although I’m not sure if entrenched opinions (mine or anyone else’s) changed. The most useful part of the whole workshop was where people discussed their favourite scenario ever to write and to play. In [...]

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