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Tribe Games

It always strikes me as odd that a lot of roleplaying games never take into account the fact that they’re going to be played by a group of people. You might be presented with a pile of rules for designing your character, but only given the loosest notes on how that character fits in with [...]

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By the middle of March, the seasoned con-goer acquires the thousand-yard stare of the shellshocked veteran. Every weekend in the month brings another gaming con, another weekend of sign-up sheets, pub quizzes and cheap accommodation. I don’t do the full con circuit as much as I used to, but March was still a death march [...]

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I’m four sessions into my new Traveller campaign, which means it’s over the startup hump that any develop-in-play game suffers from. The characters have established themselves and the players are beginning to feel comfortable in the setting. I’m mapping subsectors as the party jumps around, staying a few parsecs ahead of them (and I really must [...]

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