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Deliver me from Sarah Palin

Firstly, Fish for Fish has been updated. * * * It’s all Aaron Sorkin’s fault. I thought the West Wing was just a well-written drama. I didn’t know it was a gateway drug.

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The Balancing Act

Hammer’s Slammers for Traveller is finally done. Some books flow off the keyboard, some books take a bit of work, and some never, ever end. Slammers was one of the latter – I’ve been working on it, on and off, since the middle of August, which is a long time in Mongoose-land. Now, I need [...]

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Tell us, O Baron, of the fearsome Apelords and how you…

I am slightly hesitant about reviewing Fourth Edition products yet, as I’m still getting to grasp with the rules. The only reason that my current campaign is running at all smoothly is because all the players are running their own games and/or know the system well, so I don’t need to adjudicate anything except how [...]

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Actual Content, of a sort

Back when I was in Swindon earlier in the month, I was feeling a bit lonely, so Edel suggested that I write her a short story that she could read when she came over to visit me. She liked it, and we decided that she should illustrate it as a webcomic. The current plan is to do [...]

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