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Orcs and Rebels

There are many reasons to praise Morgue, but the one I want to talk about right now is the Open Roleplaying Community, a club that Morgue set up in Edinburgh a few years ago. ORC is something that is all too rare – organised gaming that isn’t tied to a single game or to a [...]

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Attack of the Campaigns

I seem to have started running two new roleplaying campaigns this week, both replacing the Dark Heresy campaigns that ended when I went to Swindon. The first new campaign came about largely by accident. One of the players was hoping that I’d run a Legend of the Five Rings game, but I’m fairly burnt out [...]

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Then We Were There

  Next week, I’ll be posting the second part of Now We Are Here, a play-by-post game I was running on my livejournal for much of last year. The first part of Now We Are Here didn’t so much conclude as peter out when I got bogged down in work and other commitments, but I [...]

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