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State of the Mongoose 2009

Matthew Sprange (aka My Boss)’s annual State of the Mongoose report is up. It pretty much lists all the books I’ll be writing for Mongoose in the months to come. My current project is Deus Vult, about a secret order of demon-hunting monks running around Medieval Europe. I spent part of this morning rewriting Papal [...]

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I’m very pleased to see that is back up and running regularly. The site and its associated mailing list were the catalyst for a golden age (or possibly silver age) of Irish con organising and cross-pollination. I started freelancing directly because of my experience writing games for cons, and I was able to point [...]

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Then We Were There

  Next week, I’ll be posting the second part of Now We Are Here, a play-by-post game I was running on my livejournal for much of last year. The first part of Now We Are Here didn’t so much conclude as peter out when I got bogged down in work and other commitments, but I [...]

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