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Life not found

Fish for Fish is now being updated every Monday. I’m trying to write a chapter ahead of deli’s drawing, which means I need to write the next chapter this week. * * * June and July were swallowed by INTSEC for Paranoia and other Mongoose work and some wedding planning. It’s in a year’s time, [...]

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State of the Mongoose & other news

Matthew Sprange’s annual State of the Mongoose post is up. My big Mongoose-thing for next year is overhauling PARANOIA, and I’m glad that I won the argument about the HIGH PROGRAMMER book. I still need to figure out how to write the thing, of course. * * * We’ve started updating Fish for Fish again. [...]

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Actual Content, of a sort

Back when I was in Swindon earlier in the month, I was feeling a bit lonely, so Edel suggested that I write her a short story that she could read when she came over to visit me. She liked it, and we decided that she should illustrate it as a webcomic. The current plan is to do [...]

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