The Cold Equations
Gareth says...
Introductory B5 adventure that leads into The Ragged Edge.
(Yet another wrongly attributed by Amazon.)
The Drakh
Gareth says...
Another highlight of my time with the B5 line, the Drakh are excellent villains for any campaign. They’re evil space aliens of doomy doom who work behind the scenes when they’re not running around in giant planet-killing spaceships.
The Final Flight of Santiago
Gareth says...
Quite possibly the only published rpg scenario where a debate about cutting military spending is a major encounter. It’s the West Wing in space. (This is yet another one where Amazon has the wrong author.)
The Ragged Edge
Gareth says...
An epic campaign for the B5 rpg. It weaves the player characters into the events of the second season of the tv series. One of the best things I’ve written.
OGL Wild West
Gareth says...
‘You’re doing a western game.’
‘I’ve never really watched any westerns.’
‘Hmmm…well, do it anyway.’
Yeah, I don’t understand it either. The book turned out quite well, considering the bizarre circumstances of its writing. I shall endorse it, thusly: This book made me grow a beard.
Gareth says...
Archaeologists…in… spaaaaace!