Betrayer of Asgard
Gareth says...
Another Conan adventure, and one I’m very proud of. It’s got detective work, fights, zombies, flashbacks and some very bad jokes.
Secrets of Skelos
Gareth says...
The second edition Conan sorcery supplement.
Psi Corps
Gareth says...
My gimmick for this book was presenting the main body of the text as an official Psi Corps document, and then adding commentary from Byron, who is the most annoying character in all of Babylon 5.
(Oh yeah, and this is another one where Amazon has the wrong author.)
Babylon 5 - 2nd edition
Gareth says...
I made considerable changes between the 1st and 2nd editions of this game; I added a new Influence system letting players do all sorts of political manoeuvrings and backstabbing, and rewrote the telepathy and space combat rules. I’m happier with this overhaul than the Conan rewrite. (Despite what it says on Amazon, I did write this book.)
Darkness & Light
Gareth says...
This one was great fun to write – it’s about the two godlike super-advanced races in the B5 setting. It’s when you get to steal lines from House of Leaves to describe the inside of a planet-sized labyrinth, then write about self-replicating fleets of ships that ‘live in gas giants like bees live in hives’ that you know you’re onto a winner.
Earthforce Campaign Guide
Gareth says...
The original Earth Alliance Fact Book was notorious for being, well, stupid. This one isn’t, although it does have some really bad font choices.
(It seems like Amazon has the wrong credits on most of my Babylon 5 books!)