Gareth Hanrahan Bibliography
A sample of books by Gareth Hanrahan, with some comments from the author. For a more comprehensive list, take a look on Amazon.
High Guard
Gareth says...
The big ship design book for Traveller, co-written with the wonderful Loz.
Gareth says...
Traveller is one of the oldest and most popular science-fiction roleplaying games, launched a year before I was born. I wrote the newest edition of it, which walked the tightrope between maintaining the game’s traditions and updating the rules. Probably the most popular book I’ve written – it was apparently the second best-selling rpg of 2008.
Gareth says...
The Hawkmoon corebook is serviceable, but it wasn’t until the Granbretan book that I really started having fun with the line. Fascist England conquers Europe in style by being terribly, terribly evil.
Gareth says...
I believe I spend more time reading about rights issues related to the Hawkmoon rpg than Michael Moorcock spent writing the novels in the first place.